Saturday, January 23, 2010


I'm not looking forward to this weekend. Tomorrow is my Grandpa's calling hours and Monday, is the funeral. To keep my mind off all the sadness, I have been running a lot. I'm feeling really good and I feel like how I was last triathlon season. I haven't really been on the bike lately. Just on the trainer. I hate the trainer. It's so boring and I can barely stand riding the trainer for 45 minutes. Next week, Dad and I and maybe Uncle Scott are going to hit the pool again. We haven't swam in a couple of weeks, so we definitely need to get back in. Hope everyone has a good weekend.

Later days

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Current Training.

Not a lot of time on the bike lately. Dad and I have been running a lot and we now trying to ski at least one day a week. Since the weather has been so crappy, we have been riding the trainers with our TT bikes. We have our powertaps on our TT bikes simply because we are going to be more focused on Triathlon this year. I've been putting in a quite a bit of miles in running lately which is good because I would like to do a Half Ironman towards the middle of this year and there is a trail running race coming up on February 14. I would also like to race The Nordic Flurry at Chapin Forest this year also. I would have to get in more skiing but thankfully, I still have some of my fitness left from cross season. So hopefully I can get into shape for that.

Later Gator.