Friday, April 20, 2012

Pumped Up Kicks

Last weekend I purchased the INOV8 Terrafly Trail Shoes from the Cleveland Running Company ( and I could not have made a better purchase. These shoes have a 6mm drop in the heel making it an essential shoe to make you land on your forefoot during your foot strike. It is definitely not like the new Altra zero drop shoe but the 6mm drop is perfect for me right now. I tried both the Altras and the INOV8s and it was a very hard decision in choosing which shoe to choose. After about 4 switches, including trying the different shoes and each foot, I had to go with the INOV8s simply because it fit my foot perfect, the lightness and I just plain on felt FAST in them! Today was the second time I've ran in them and Dad and I got 8 miles in on the trails in the North Chagrin. The new kicks felt great throughout the whole run and I'm looking forward to the runs in the future with them attached to my feet.