Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

One more.

Today I took my final for EMT class and passed with a very good percentage. My instructor said that this final is just as or slightly harder than the National Registry Exam; which is the test I have to take in order to become a certified EMT. I graduated today with a class that started out with 22 people. Since the start of the class, only 10 people graduated. The other 12 people either had grades that did not meet the criteria or they did not pass the final. So I am very happy to be one of those 10 individuals. Now the only thing I need to focus on is my National Registry Exam and I want to take that as soon as possible because that way, I still have all my training still fresh in my mind. So while everyone is enjoying their Winter Breaks from school, I'm still going to be hitting my books and notes so that hopefully next month, I could be a certified EMT.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Wow I'm such a slacker. Well first off, Cyclocross went very well this season. I became very lazy about my blog and didn't write anything about the remaining cross races I had. But now that cross is over, it is time to start training for an early season half-ironman. Dad, Doug and I are planning on racing the Rev3 in Knoxville in May. Doug is planning on racing the Olympic and Dad and I are planning on racing the half. We have already started the intense swimming and the trail runs. The weather isn't cooperating very well lately to get out on the bike, so the trainer will be another one of my good friends for a while. I was suppose to take my Firefighter I and II class this winter as well, which would have meant I would not have been able to train as much and my early season half-ironman wouldn't have happened. But unfortunately, the whole program was cancelled due to lack of people and lack of payment for the class. I'm pretty upset about it because that sets me back another half a year to a year behind schedule. But, I have no control over it and now that means I will have the time to train hard for this Tri season. I will be posting more now I promise....No more slacking.