Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Long time

since I've posted my last post. Well not too much going on since February. My Fire Academy classes are going very good. We have learned about Search and Rescue, Forcible Entry, Fire hoses and streams, Fire Behavior and so much more. This weekend we will be learning and doing practical work with ventilating roof tops. I received my State EMT card as well, so I'm completely set with my EMT certifications until I start my Paramedic Program in the Fall.

Switching from Firefighting to Cycling, Dad received his new Felt last week. So instead of his main bike being the Cannondale Super Six, the Felt will take his place. Since my Dad is so great, he handed the Super Six frame down to me. Last friday we built up our fresh frames at Bike Authority and they are now ready for the season. Today Dad, Rudy, Robert, Scott Gartman, Craig Hannibal, and I did a fantastic 42 miles from Bike Authority. LOTS of hills and some great townline sprints made it all the more fun. This was my first ride on my newly built bike and I absolutely love it. It is a completely different ride than my Cad9. I can't wait to race this season. THANK YOU DAD!