Saturday, February 5, 2011

Fire Academy

Yesterday was the first night of my 6 month long Fire Academy at Concord Fire Department. During these classes, I will be introduced to perform Search and Rescue, Forceable Entry, Live Burns, Hazardous Materials Awareness and Procedures, Operating Fire Apparatus, such as Ladder Trucks, Pumper Engines and Squads, plus many more.

I'm super excited to be in this class because once I graduate in July, I will be considered a certified Firefighter/EMT, and I can then start my career. Since I am now in my 240 class or also called the Fire Academy, my racing until July will be very minimal. The only days I would be able to race are basically Saturdays, and occasionally the Tuesday night races at Westlake. I will still be training everyday though because I would like to at least, race Westlakes, RATL, any Saturday Tri's, and of course races after I graduate the Academy. I mentioned calling this class 240 class also. This is because this class requires everyone to have at least 240 hours of firefighting and EMS training before the time they graduate in the sixth month period. So, since I won't be writing too much on my racing, I will still blog about the things I will be doing during my time and training in the academy. Thanks for reading.