Sunday, August 23, 2009

Lorain Triathlon

Sorry everyone about not updating my blog lately. I promise it will be updated more now that cyclocross season is almost here. But, today was the Lorain Triathlon. Uncle Scott, Dad and I drove down together and arrived there 2 hours early. After a short bathroom break, we drove to the local Convenient Food Mart store and bought some coffee and Joe Palmer's Half & Half iced tea/ lemonade. When we came back, there were already people starting to put their things in transition. So we took all of our bikes and gear out of Scott's truck and set up our transition.

The water was pretty cold when you first walked into it. But, the further you swam away from shore, the warmer it got. Shouldn't be the opposite way around? The waves were pretty powerful during the swim and I ended up 5th or 6th out of the water. After the swim, we had to run up a hill to get to transition and Eric Gibb was telling me that I need to make up quite a bit of time on my bike because there were quite a few racers ahead of me. I had a fast transition and jumped on my tricked out Scott TT bike and took off. Right away, I was passing the racers that were ahead of me on the swim. About 2 miles into the bike, I passed the racers that were ahead of me and I thought that I was in the lead. But, I found that I was in second by seeing the lead police car quite a ways ahead of me. I ended the bike in second place and avg. around 25 mph. After the bike, I had another fast transition and I took off on my run. Doug and Nate from the Bike Authority tent said the guy that was ahead of me had about a minute gap on me. Crap. About a half a mile into my run, I was feeling great. I felt like I was sprinting. When I turned a corner, I saw the leader about 30-45 seconds ahead. I kept him insight the whole half of the run. At the halfway point, I was only about 5 seconds behind him. A half a mile or so later, I caught the leader and we ran together for about two football lengths. I picked up my pace and it was fast enough to pop the racer I just passed. I was finally in the lead and I came across the finish line with a time of 1:03:43 and a victory. I put about 10 seconds on the racer I passed too; I felt great on the run.
Dad soon came across the finish line with a time of 1:06:39. The racer that finished seconds ahead of him ended up getting 3rd overall which meant Dad placed 4th overall. He probably had the fastest bike split I'm guessing because Doug told me that it wasn't long after I finished my bike, Dad came in. So he must have been motorin'. We both said that we will probably be having upset stomachs now because we swallowed lots of water today because it was so wavy and dirty. Plus we didn't race with our wetsuits either for the purpose of the swim being pretty short. Scott had the best race he ever had in my opinion. He finished the swim with a great time. He wasn't really used to the beach starts yet but he managed to escape the school racers that kick u in the face every time you try to take a breath. Scott said he felt great on the bike and he ended up getting stuck by a train for a couple seconds. He had a smokin' run as well and finished with a time around 1hr 09min and some odd seconds. He finished 1st in his age group as well and had the 1st place spot by over 6 minutes. Most likely in the top ten also. Awesome job Uncle Scott!
Great day today and this weekend is the Presque Isle Triathlon, which will be the last one of the season. We are leaving Friday afternoon with Uncle Scott and his family and camping out in Presque Isle, racing the next morning, then going to Doug Sedivy's cabin to fish and spend the night. So hopefully the weather will be good next weekend.


Dad S said...

Congratulations on your win! I've noticed as time goes on, as well as being a physically strong racer you're also becoming a strong "thinking" racer as well. Sometimes keeping your head tuned to what the other guy is doing or not doing will give you that extra edge. Great race!

Julie Lewis-Sroka said...

Hey TOny,
Job well done! So proud of you!

Julie, Rudy & Roberto

Tony said...

thank you!!