Sunday, November 15, 2009

Kent State Cyclocross

Saturday was a perfect day for a cyclocross race. The sun was shinning, barely any wind, and it was 65 degrees. The day before the race, we had 9 teammates come down and set up basically the whole course. So the day of the race, we were able to come down a little later. We had lots of racers again, about 130 total. Uncle Scott raced awesome in the B field once again. He looked very good in the woods and looked like he had lots of power. He finished 13th in a very stacked B field. Robert looked good as usual also. He finished 8th overall, and had a great sprint at the end with another racer. Good job today Robert. Kevin Ward looked had a very fast race as well. Awesome job guys.

The A race was stacked as usual. We had lots of teammates in the field which was great to see. I felt pretty good during the race at first, but then started to feel the pain as the race went on. With a crash, a flat tire, and few bobbles, I managed to finish 8th. Dad raced great finishing 19th. Everyone looked great today. Thanks to everyone who helped set up and tear down the course. We couldn't ask for better weather and it was a very fun day.

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