Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fairport Triathlon...

aka the Pirate Triathlon was today at Fairport Beach and you couldn't ask for a better day. Lots of people were already putting their stuff in transition two hours before the race. It was packed. The race directors set the transition area in a different place which caused more time to be put on the overall results. The swim was great. I'm almost positive I got the holeshot but then a couple guys passed me. I finished the swim in 11 minutes and in fourth place. I jumped up into second place after I grabbed my bike and exited transition, and quickly passed the racer in front of me. I rode the bike course in first place in the 30 and under wave. The bike was great also. After the bike portion, I slipped on the running shoes and took off for my run. I was still in first place in my wave. The run course was different this year. It was shorter than last year's course, making this year's 2.9 miles. I was still in the lead and ended up finishing the run in 17 minutes and 46 seconds. For the overall results, I finished the race in 1.01.46, getting second place overall. The overall winner was Kevin Park. He finished in around 57 minutes. Dad raced great also. He finished 5th overall and 1st in his age group. Scott finished in the top 10 and 3rd in his age group. My aunt and Scott's wife, Carrie finished great in the women's race and 5th in her age group. Awesome job to all of the Marut's and special congrats goes out to Aunt Carrie because this was her first ever triathlon, and she did great. Lets not forget about Doug. He finished in 6th place with bad knees. Those didn't slow him down thought during the race. Nice job to everyone who raced and we will be gearing up for the Greater Cleveland Triathlon in two weeks.


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KPark said...

Nice job Tony. Unfortunately for me, you're only gonna get faster as I sucumb to old age disease. Awesome race. You and my nephew are the future of the sport in Northeast Ohio.