Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Another Season Gone

Another cross season has come to an end. This year's cyclocross season was much bigger than the previous years. Also, the completion has increased which resulted in a lot of fun and fast racing. Thank you to Solon Bikes, Spin, Chagrin River Valley, and Stark Velo for the awesome races venues this year. Also a big thank you goes out to the Johnsons and Mr. Boughton for having us tear up the farm again. This year's course was very fast and muddy. As the races went on, the course started to loosen up and so did the mud. With all the mud on the bikes, the temperature was in the low thirties, high twenties, which caused the mud to freeze on everyone's bike and caused a lot of people broken derailleurs. Thanks to everyone who raced our series and maybe next year will be bigger.

Trail running is on my mind now for this winter, and when the snow falls, cross country skiing. O yea.

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