Thursday, December 3, 2009

What a jump.

States was such a blast. The whole team did great. Matt and Shawn were second and third Ohioans, I placed eighth, and sadly John Proppe had a mechanical in the Elite Race. Jon Card won which wasn't a big surprise. Rudy raced great and won the Elite Master's race with Jeff Craft having a great finish as well. Dad raced the Cat 3 masters 35+ race and placed 7th Ohioan. Nate Loman won the Masters cat 3, 35+ making him the Ohio state champion. Uncle Scott raced a phenomenal race and place third in the cat 4 35+ race. After a horrible starting position, Uncle Scott raced into the front of the group and held it for the whole race Awesome job!! And lets not forget about Robert. Robert raced the Junior race first and destroyed every other junior. After winning the Junior race, Robert also raced the Cat 3 race and did very well. It was a fun weekend and great racing TLE!!!
Right now I am unable to race the final race at Boughton Farm. I sprained my ankle yesterday running into school. The doctor says I have a grade three sprain which is the worst sprain you could get. A grade three sprain is worse than a fracture also which means I can't have any pressure on it for quite some time. It's going to be tough but I have all winter to heal. I will see everyone on Sunday!!


Dad S said...

Tough to have to miss the last race. Too bad you can't race with one pedal! Dismounts would really suck - LOL. Rest up for next year - you've earned the rest.


Julie Lewis-Sroka said...

Really sorry Tony.

Tony said...

thank you grandpa. i will