Monday, April 26, 2010

Current Updates

Sorry for not posting a lot this month, or many times at all this year. I feel like I left out a lot of information of our current training and our races. The biggest race for me this month was the Covered Bridge Race two Sundays ago. There were a lot of attacks and the pace was very fast. It kinda sucked racing in the rain though. That was the first bike race for me this year and it had to be in the rain. The weather didn't affect me when I was racing, the thing that was bad was the cleanup after. I am definitely feeling very good so far though, but I don't want to be peaking for any races soon because I am aiming to peak for the Tour of the Valley and the Rev3 Half Ironman in September. We are traveling to Virginia during the first weekend of May to race a very big, early season Triathlon. As of today, there are 701 racers. I'm very excited to race and hopefully Dad and I, as well as our friend Doug pull out some good results. I am also working a lot on my track standing at red lights, stop signs, trains, etc. I'm getting a lot better at it and soon, I won't have to un-clip at all when I go out for rides! Again, sorry for stalling on my posts and I will update a lot more as the training and the race season goes on. Thanks for reading.



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