Monday, June 14, 2010

O.N.E Kickoff Tri at Clay's Park

Sunday was the O.N.E Triathlon Kickoff at Clay's Park. We raced this race last year and told ourselves we were going to bring our road bikes instead of our TT bikes because the bike course has a lot of hills in it. Dad's 35+ wave started first and he blazed out of the swim in 3rd place. My wave started 10 minutes after my Dad's wave, so now I know how he feels when he is waiting to get the race going. I felt like I was wasting my energy being anxious and nervous waiting for the gun to go off. About a minute or two after Dad came out of the water, our wave started and we all ran into the water. I felt like I had a good swim. After a couple of kicks in the face, I luckily escaped some of the chaos and held a fast pace to put me and a couple of racers ahead. I made it out of the water in either third or fourth place. I had a fast transition time I'm thinking, and then I was off on the bike. I felt like I had strong legs on the bike, but I've felt better before in races. After the hilly/windy bike, I sped into transition and my transition time I felt was again pretty fast. During the run, I tried to run with a racer that was ahead of me but his pace was greater than mine. He told me to stick with him but I was going to blow myself up if I would have tried. That racer ended up winning overall. BAFF team member Christian finished 2nd overall, and I finished 3rd. Dad finished 9th overall and 1st in his AG. BAFF had a great showing yesterday and we all had very good results with four of us finishing in the top ten (Christian, Me, Frank, and Dad). After the race, the team drove over to Steve's RV who is a teammate. There we had some burgers and hotdogs along with some healthy dishes such as fruit, and a very tastey rice/pasta salad that Christian made. Great day yesterday and this weekend is the GCT training day #2 at Headlands Beach so Dad and I are not racing. Next week is the Dam Tri. Lots of training ahead of us in these two weeks. Everyone have a good day.


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