Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Little Miss Wendy

Sunday was race #2 of the NEOCX series at Wendy Park. The course was very open with tons of power sections. It was going to be super fast and hard I knew from the beginning. While I was warming up, I felt really good. My legs felt strong, I practiced the barriers a few times to get my dismount and remount down, and I felt good riding the sand. Before the race, the race promoter did call ups and since I placed 5th last week, I was called to the front of the line.
When the race started I was in a pretty good position. I don't want to blow myself up completely at the start but, if you want to stay in contact with the lead guys, it is kinda hard not to go all out in the beginning. As the race went on, I felt completely opposite as I did last week. I was not having fun, I had no legs, and it just wasn't there. I'm not giving any excuses, I just had a bad race. But the weather was great, the course was great and thank you to Spin for putting on a great race. During the race Robert crashed very hard and landed on his head. I went past him one lap and I did not know it was him. I saw someone laying down with people around him but I did not know who it was at the time. After a trip to the hospital, he is all good and ready to tear it up again. Great job to all my teammates who raced and great job BAFF at the Rev3 Half and Full Ironman.

Next week is the Border Wars Triathlon in Geneva State Park. It will be the last triathlon of the season and I am really looking forward to it. Good luck to everyone who is racing this weekend. Later!!

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McArmand said...

Good luck to everyone who is racing this weekend. :)
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