Monday, September 20, 2010

Border War Tri

Saturday was the Border Wars Triathlon hosted by O.N.E. It was a very chilly morning, with the temperature being in the mid 50's. Once I had transition all set up and the race was about to start, I walked down to the water to get a pre-race warm up. The warm up was not a warm up at all. The water was a little bit warmer than the air but once I plunged in and the water soaked through my wetsuit, it was freezing. This was going to be a cold race.

The swim started with a mass start. I felt like I had a good start, but then when I looked up to get a breath, I saw quite a bit of people ahead of me. I was trying to ignore the cold water and dug deep. After the swim, I was in a pretty good position. Once I was in transition, my Dad and Doug came in together and Dad was having trouble unzipping his wetsuit. After I helped him out with his wesuit, I was off on the bike. At this point, I did not feel any coldness anymore. The first of the two laps, wasn't very good. I didn't feel like I was getting power on the straight-a-ways. When I was on my second lap, I started to get a better momentum. I was averaging around 1-1 1/2 mph faster than my first lap. When the bike was over and I was running into transition, only two bikes were in. I knew right off the bat who the two guys ahead of me were and there was no way that I was going to catch them. So I just gave it my all on the run and felt great. I ended up finishing 3rd overall and was very happy with the way I felt for my last triathlon of the season. Doug finished fantastic. He finished 4th overall and 1st in his AG. Dad finished 7th and 1st in his AG. After the race, Dad, Doug and I rode home which was about 24 miles. It was pretty much a straight road all the way home so we took turns pulling hard averaging around 21-22 mph. So when the day was over, I was beat from the race and the ride home. It was a great day though and we all had a great race.

This season has been a blast. I am very happy with my mine and my Dad's results. We both finished 1st in of our AG's in every race and I finished top 5 in every race except for two. Hopefully this cross season is just as good as our Tri season. I am already excited for next year and we are planning on doing a lot of trail running and continuing on hitting the pool this winter for an early season Half Ironman. This weekend is Kent Cross Race and I am already feeling the pain. Thanks for reading.


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KPark said...

Nice job this season Tony. It's only a matter of time before I see your bike in transition when I get there. Thanks for giving the girls the Border War Trophy, they were thrilled.