Sunday, October 3, 2010

Applefest 3.2

Yesterday was the Applefest 5k in Franklin, Pa. Actually the race should be called the Applefest 3.2 mile run becuase it mapped a little bit longer than a 5k. The day before the race, we all drove up to Doug's cabin for the night. When we arrived at the cabin, we cruised down to downtown Franklin to walk around the Applefest and to get some grub. We ate at a very good Italian restaurant, which had a mile long line to get in.

The next day was the 5k. We arrived at the race venue around 8:00 and the race was supposed to take off at 10:00. It was freezing. Winter hats, gloves, tights, long sleeve shirts, etc. was being worn by a lot of people. While we were waiting for the race to start, our warm-up consisted of a couple intense games of ping pong in the Franklin YMCA, which was where packet pick up was located at. After a couple games of ping pong we started our real warm ups. While we were warming up on the course, I said this is going to be fast. I was going for a mid to low 17 minute time.

When the race started, it was a dead sprint off the line. The typical funny guys of every running race of course took off like a bat outa' hell but quickly blew up about a football field length into the race. I kept up my fast pace throughout the race. I was very happy with my first mile time and second mile time. After the second mile I was in about 6th place and running with two other racers. We had a very fast pace going and we were not slowing up a bit. When the finish line was in sight, one of the two runners already took off and the other runner and I were starting to kick up the pace to a sprint. We were back and forth the whole way to the finish. I was in front of him, he pushed in front of me; we were back and forth about 4 or 5 times. At the end, I lost the sprint and finished 7th overall and 1st in my age group with a time of 18:06. I was happy with the way I felt and the sprint finish at the end. The course was all downhill going out to the turnaround point, and the rest of the way to the finish was mostly uphill. From what I heard from other racers, the finish line was pushed further than last year's finish. So I would say the distance of the race was 3.2 miles. It was very fun and a very competitive race. I felt like I was going to throw up after the sprint finish, but it was worth it. Dad and Doug finished great. Dad finished 19th and Doug 15th; 10 seconds apart. They both won their age groups and the friendly rivalry battle continues between them. The whole morning before the race, Doug and Dad ripped on each other alot. It was great and I'm sure that is was made them extra fast during the race.

Another great time with Doug and this is the last time to visit him and stay at the cabin this year. Too bad the fun had to end so soon, but it was great while it lasted. I'm looking forward to this weekend coming up in Cincinnati. UCI Cinci Cross weekend, and it is going to be another great weekend.

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