Monday, October 18, 2010

Solon Cross

This weekend was Solon Cross Race hosted by CRC. Kevin Kimmich did a great job setting this course up. It consisted of many tight corners and a crazy maze to get everyone caught up in. The start was hectic. We all had to run from the start line about 50 yards out to our bikes, grab them and take off for the maze. I was lucky and ended up around 2nd after the start, so I wasn't caught up in all the carnage leading into the maze. I felt good throughout the whole race. My legs started to feel a little tired in the middle with about 5 or 6 laps to go, but I felt like I got a second wind and ended up finishing 8th overall. It was a great race because the whole time, Brent Evans, Eric Lesko, and I were battling it out. It came down to the last corner before a set of barriers and I took the corner too fast and unfortunately washed out. I had no bad feelings about it at all though. I was just happy with the way I felt and the great race we had. Next weekend is Snakebite's Cross race in Elyria. Should be fun and another great weekend.


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