Thursday, June 23, 2011

Three More Weeks

Three more weeks until I graduate from Fire Academy. I have busted the books for almost 6 months and it is finally paying off. This weekend's class will be a Lubrizol Wickliffe Plant and we will be going over Sprinklers and Lubrizol's water supply systems and protection systems. Next weekend will just be pretty much a make up week along with a little EMS training and then the weekend after that are my Final Written and Practical exams. My graduation date will be on July 29th. THEN.....the next month after I graduate from Fire Academy, I start my Paramedic School. During Medic School, I'll be applying for almost every Fire Dept around and keeping my fingers crossed, be hired on one. That way if I am able to work for a dept, I could study with some of the already Paramedics, and turn to them for help when I will be needing it.

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