Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Been a very long time since I lasted posted and I apologize for that. Since Fire Academy, I've had more time to train and race. Cross season has started and I have been training a lot. Also, last weekend was the last triathlon of the season at the Portage Lakes Triathlon hosted by HFP Racing. Woke up that morning at 4:00 and stepped one foot outside and felt the 45 degree temperature, and immediately ran back into the house. Starting temperature was about the same as 4:00. But, once the swim took off, I warmed up very quick.

I probably had one of the best swims I have ever had and existed the water 3rd. T1 was super slow for me but I tried to make it up on the bike. Fortunately I caught the two ahead of me on the bike and was then leading. I tried to keep my mind focused and tried to push it pretty good. T2 was a lot better than my first and then it was onto my run. Again, I wanted to keep a good pace, not wanting to fall into anaerobic threshold and to keep my mind focused. I ended up finishing first overall with the second place racer hot on my tail, only 6 seconds behind. I was extremely satisfied with my performance and my training leading up to the race. Dad finished great as well. He finished 6th overall and 2nd in his AG. As the race went on, the temperature became warmer and made it more comfortable.

I am currently in Paramedic School now and wow is it a wake up call. I am reading, studying and doing homework every night of the week. It is currently week 4 of the 50 week program and it is already kicking my butt. I have to try to stay motivated and focused so that I do not fall behind and make it any harder than what it really is. So life now consists of that, training and racing. This weekend is a double race weekend with Stark Velo's Kent State CX race and Westbranch Mountain Bike Race on Sunday. I'm very excited to finally be racing a full schedule again and I will post the results and the write up this weekend. Stay safe everyone!

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