Monday, September 26, 2011

Double Racing

Saturday was the Stark Velo Cross race at Kent State in Stark. The A race was of course stacked as always and the course was definitely a roadie course. Not a lot of twists and turns or technical sections. Just pure power sections including a long uphill that zapped all the energy left in your already beaten legs. The start was super fast. I had a pretty good position and tried to keep my heart rate low. After crashing around a corner and dropping my chain, I was soon in a position where I did not want to be. I did not panic, I just wanted to keep a constant speed and not blow myself up. I ended up finishing 12th in the race and found out at the finish line that John Proppe battled it out with the big guns and ended up winning overall. Big congrats goes out to him. Everyone from the team did well too and we had a great showing.

Sunday we raced at Westbranch State Park and it was a great day. My girlfriend Courtney goes to Ohio University which is around 3 hours away from the park, and she surprised me in showing up before my race and came to watch. Little did I know, everyone from my family knew about it and kept it a secret until she showed up. It was awesome! The race went well in the Sport division. I raced the Sport 20-29 and after a pretty big crash on my second lap, I finished 2nd. Dad finished in the top 5 in his division and we both had to take advil after the race because of the aches in pains in our bodies after the race due to the massive amounts of rocks and roots we hit during every pedal stroke. It was a great weekend for racing and this coming weekend, we are heading to Dayton for Crankfest Cyclocross Weekend. Should be a good weekend for racing as well!


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