Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Belated Wendy

Sunday was our first race of the Bike Authority series. Wendy Park is the perfect venue for a cyclocross race and what a race it was. Started setting up the course on Saturday, and finished Sunday morning before the race. It was definitely a faster course this year and less flats. Total amount of racers:146-our biggest yet

The A race took off like a bat outa' hell. It was mayhem to the first corner. I felt really good and I was in the front of the group. Matt Weeks formed an early gap and was gone. Soon in the first lap, I found myself with a group of six and we already had a gap on the others. In this pack was Shawn Adams, Mike Mihalik, Gerry Pflug, Ernie, and two other racers. I was feeling really good during the first couple laps. About halfway through the race, my shifter to my rear derailleur broke, so I was spinning like crazy to try and stay with the group I was in. After another lap, I just couldn't stay with them because they were downshifting and taking off on the pier section, and I couldn't downshift so I dropped back a little bit. I felt great though throughout the whole race and I finished 8th out of a lot of A racers. Dad looked awesome. I saw him a few times on the course and he looked really strong. He finished in the 27th spot. I was really surprised that my Dad and I didn't get a flat this year. Last year we both had three flats each. Great day and great race. Congrats goes out to Matt for taking the overall win. Robert had a great race, finishing 8th in the HUGE B field. Julie finished 3rd in the Women's.

This weekend is Michigan Double cross. I'm pumped.

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