Saturday, September 19, 2009

Michigan Double Cross day 1

Today was the first race in the Tailwind Michigan Double Cross race. Last year, it was a UCI event, but this year it wasn't. The course was in the infield of a race-car track. There were around 4 dismounts during the race including two sets of barriers, a sandy/gravel part, and the 'ORANGE CRUSH', which was a big orange flyover with steep steps and a fast down ramp. To start it off, Robert raced the Junior 15-18 race and had a little bit of bad luck at the start of the race, but regained his composure and finished strong. Tomorrow he is racing the B field which consist of Cat 2,3,4 racers. I raced the pro 1,2 race and it was one of the hardest cyclocross races I have ever done. It started off super fast, and didn't slow down a bit. I was in a group of three throughout the whole race; battling back and forth. But, around the middle of race, I felt like I hit the wall a little bit. After the next couple of laps, I regained my strength back and raced strong throughout the rest of the race. I finished in 12th place. I was pretty happy with my finish but I felt like I didn't race like I usually do today, so hopefully I will have better legs tomorrow. Congrats goes out to Matt Weeks for another awesome race. He was in the front the whole time and finished 4th. Lets keep it up for tomorrow!
The Master's race and the Women's field was stacked. Nate Loman was in the in the 35+ race and Dad and Rudy were in the 45+ race. Like always, it started off wicked fast and didn't let up at all. Julie had a stacked women's field as well. Dad looked great throughout the whole race. In my opinion, I think this was one of his best races he has done in cyclocross. It was very fun watching and cheering him on. Dad ended up finishing 5th in the Masters 45+. Awesome job Pops. Julie finished 3rd in the women's field. Nate finished strong and Rudy finished great, despite the front flat tire he had right at the last two laps of the race. TLE looked great today and can't wait for tomorrow.


Julie Lewis-Sroka said...

What a great weekend with your family! You looked so good out there - what great training for you to race with Cats 1 & 2!! Great job.


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