Saturday, September 5, 2009

Miller Paul Marut 5k

Today was the third annual Miller Paul Marut 5k running race. It is a fundraiser for my baby cousin that passed away 4 years ago. My Uncle Jeff and Aunt Jen organized this race, and wow, was it great. There was over 300 people who pre-registered and there were more people who came for same day registration, so there was close to 400 runners in the whole thing! That is a record in Concord Twp. history. The 5k course is great going out because it is all downhill. But exactly at the turn around mark, it is uphill which was going to be very challenging.
When the gun went off at the start, I took off and got the whole shot. Right away, I had a gap on the bunch of racers behind. I felt great when I passed the first mile mark. My first mile was a 5:12. At the mile and a half marker, I heard footsteps behind me and soon after that, a runner passed me and was gone. I tried staying with him, but his pace was flyin'. At the two mile mark, Nick was standing there calling out the times, and he said that I was at 11:21. Wow. I'm really feeling good at this point. After the two mile mark, it was a long gradual hill until the finish line. I really pushed myself to my limit to stay in second place. After the long hill, I came across the finish line in second place with a time of 17:55 for a hilly 5k. I was very glad that since my family organized this race, I finished second and first in my age group. Also, in top spots where Dad and Uncle Scott. They both finished first in their age groups and both had a time in the low 19 minutes. They finished 5th and 6th. Dad said that 5k course was the hardest he has ever raced in. Aunt Carrie raced and finished great, as always. My two little cousins, Brock and Jake also raced and ran awesome. I think we should have a family training run coming up here pretty soon. Now we are ready for some good ol' eatin' at my Aunt's pig roast! Can't wait. Next week is Wendy Park. I can't wait for that either. Bring it on.


Dad S said...

Awesome racing, Maruts! Always proud of y'all.

Julie Lewis-Sroka said...

Great job Tony - and what a tribute to your little cousin. Your family is an inspiration.


Tony said...

thank you!!

Anonymous said...

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