Sunday, April 26, 2009

Fast and Hot.

That's the two things I will say about today's Covered Bridge Race. I raced in the A group and right off the bat there were attacks. My legs felt pretty good today, and I was surprised they felt good too. Yesterday I wasn't really able to hop on the bike because I had firefighter class from 9:00-1:00 in the morning and then when I arrived home, we did quit a bit of yard work and car washing. By the end of the day, I just wanted to sit around and relax. This morning, when I was warming up with my Dad and Phil Hines, my legs didn't feel too good. But, as the race went on, they felt good. My legs started to cramp on the last lap and I really couldn't sprint at the end. I finished with the field and it was a good race. We had Shawn, Brant, Todd, and Jeff in the A field as well. It was another fast race, but it was very fun and I'm looking forward to next weekend.

In the Masters race there was Dad, Brian D, Nate, and Scott C. My Dad said it was a great race. He said he felt good and he had better legs than yesterday at RATL. Although his legs started to cramp up at the end also. Lots of attacks and lots of work up front but a great race. Nate ended up taking the win in the Master's field also! Great job Nate! We probably won't race RATL next week, just race on Sunday. Nice job to everyone who raced today in the 90* heat.