Thursday, April 2, 2009

Windy nowhere ride.

Had another great ride today. Started off riding East into Austinburg, along with doing quite a bit of intervals. With those hard intervals came the gusts of wind. Yesterday, my Dad rode the TT bike and had a tail wind going out and a major head wind coming back from his ride. Well today was opposite. Major head wind going out. The fastest speed we saw was 23 mph in the head wind (including our intervals). At the half way point of our ride, we stopped at a funny looking intersection in the middle of nowhere Austinburg. We took some pictures and started to ride back home. When we started riding again, we looked at our computers and it was reading 19, 20 mph while we were riding up a short little hill. TAILWIND!!! yes. Finally the head wind was over and now we have a tail wind all the way home. We ended up riding for 43 miles with good intervals. Tomorrow is looking pretty crappy so I'll most likely go for a run, maybe ride an hour or so on the trainer.


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