Saturday, April 18, 2009


Today was the first Race at the Lakes. As soon as Dad and I arrived we saw the red lights flashing from the ambulance. Way to start off the RATL series. Dad's race was really fun to watch. Lots of attacks going on and it was super fast. Dad finished great. He thinks he finished around 9th place. He looked strong, and while he was in the parking lot section, he attacked the group and got a really good gap. It looked like a car taking off around a corner, it was that fast. Especially with those new Zipp 404s.

My race was pretty good. I felt great in the beginning of the race. I had some attacks and
I brought some other racers back a few times. About 5 laps into the race, I looked down at my wheel and it looked like I had a flat. It sure felt like I had a flat too. CRAP!! So, as everyone was finished passing me, I pulled over to the side of the road and felt my tire. No flat........... So I rode a couple laps by myself and waited for the main group to come back. When they caught me, I moved in with them and finished with them. Jeremy and Paul were together in the break, so I don't know who won. Even with me riding by myself for a little bit, I still averaged close to 26 mph. When we got home, we put on the work boots and crappy jeans and shorts and did mulching and mowing the lawn. I'm pretty beat right now too.

C ya.


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