Tuesday, March 31, 2009

52 miler.

It was a great day to ride today. Dad and I went out around 3:10 and we were scheduled to have a long, hilly and hard ride. We hit all the major climbs around my crib. We had to sit all the climbs and jump out of the saddle and go at a good effort on the rollers. It was a very hard training ride and my legs are feeling pretty spent right now. I did weights yesterday and when I was doing squats I was saying that my legs were going to be sore and tired for the ride. But they actually felt great today! We finished with 52.2 miles and lots of climbing. Then the family assembled our new grill. Mmm, burgers and hot dogs.............. Perfect food for the training diet!! That's what my Dad says all the time when I eat junk food. haha.



Bill said...

yea, I only say that when I see you eating stuff that a billygoat wouldnt even eat! real nice Tony, thats good for the ole training diet.......luv ya!

Dad S said...

Nothin' gooder than grilled burgers and 'dogs.