Saturday, March 14, 2009

St. Malachi Race

Today was the 29th annual St. Malachi race. Dad, Scott, and I ran the 5 mile race. Pete and Jane also raced the 5 miler. Good to see them. There was so many people there! There had to be over 1000 racers ( including the 2 mile race ). It was very cold this morning, but we chose to race in long sleeve shirts and running shorts, no tights. I'm really glad I didn't race in tights because it became hot very fast. I had a really good race. I finished with a time of 30:43 and 2nd in my age group ( 15-19 ). That is a 6:09 pace I guess. I didn't think that I was going to run that kind of a pace at all before the race went off. Dad did an awesome job as well. He finished with a time of 32:50. Scott finished in the low 34s, which was his PR. Scott said that there was no way he would keep a 7 minute pace. He ended up running in the mid, to upper 6's during the race! After a cool down and getting dressed, we traveled down to McCarthy's Ale House and had some cokes, (me) and beers (Mom, Dad, and Scott). Mickey was also there with his new GF. Nice to see him at the race also. We had some nice weather today and everyone had an awesome race. Tomorrow, Dad and I are meeting Shawn and others at the Brecksville Reservation to ride 3-4 hours with some hills.


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