Monday, March 2, 2009

Chemistry re-take.

So last week I took a test in Chemistry class at Lakeland and didn't get the grade I was hoping for. I received my test back last Wednesday and my grade was a 70%, the lowest "C" you could get. Thankfully, my professor offered the class to take the test over again and she would take the best grade of the two tests and use that as your test grade. I took my test re-take today and I thought it was going to be the same problems as the last test..... "Yea right!" is what my professor said. I studied pretty hard for the past couple of days my my re-take and I'm really glad I did because if I didn't, I would have definitely failed. The results will be given to me next week or something. I think I did better....... I really hope so that is. Two more tests this week at LCC. Another test in Chemistry class on Wednesday and then a midterm exam in my British Literature class on Thursday!!! Lots of studying this week along with lots of training planned this week.

Yesterday my Dad and I got the TT bikes and rode our 40k course and then jumped off the bikes and ran a 10k. Today I met my Dad at the pool and swam for about an hour, maybe a little less.
Do widzenia!

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Dad S said...

Good luck on your exams - we'll say a few for you.