Sunday, March 22, 2009

Super Weekend.

Today Dad, Todd, Jared, Dave Steiner, and I rode from Squires Castle. Before everyone arrived, Thom and Derick from Spin rode up to say hi and talk for a bit. They already had a lot of miles in and was just ending their ride. We all rode for about 47 miles and quite a bit of hills too. It was pretty cold at first, then as soon as we started riding, layers of clothes were coming off. About 4 miles till the parking lot, Todd took a very hard pull, which led to a hard paced, race-like pace lines. We sprinted it out at the end and my legs were just screaming from yesterday's ride.

Yesterday was the TLE race strategy clinic. We were very happy to have Jacob Fetty work on the teams race tactics and strategies. After about an hour and a half talk, the team suited up and met at the the Old School in the Valley. Jacob had us group up into 4 teams of 5 people and each team had to come up with their own strategies and try to win a lap. We rode on parts of the old state TT course- about a 3 mile loop. Jacob randomly picked people to go out on breaks and the remaining people try to bring the break back. I was in quite a lot of breaks and attacked a lot too. We finished with about of 33 miles- A super hard 33 miles.

I felt great on Saturday at the LE clinic and my legs didn't feel too good on today's ride, but I am definitely ready for Malabar Farm this Saturday.

Git it Git it!

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