Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunny Sunday.

Today Dad and I met Shawn, Rudy, other teammates and riders at the top of the Brecksville Reservation. It was about 10* warmer than at home so I was deciding if I should wear tights or not, because I had a pretty good chill from this morning when I woke up. I ended up sticking with the tights. It was a beautiful day to ride. We ended up riding 3 hrs 46 min. with 70.11 miles. Lots and lots of hills, along with some great tempo riding. After yesterday's race and today's ride, I'm pretty beat right now, but I felt really good throughout the ride. When we came home, I had to finish a painting for Art class, and it is due tomorrow................... haha. I'm definitely not going to be and artist when I'm older. Tomorrow, Dad, Scott and I are taking out the TT bikes and ride our 40k course. It is suppose to be SUNNY, WARM, and hopefully NO WIND.
Great day today and fantastic ride.

later days


Anonymous said...

that would have been a bit much for me right was good to see you all...although I ended up with 3:25 plus or maybe riding back most of the way solo was not a wise choice...not sure of distance cuz my computer was out...worked fine yesterday...
the body was barkin at me a tad by the time I climbed back up through Hinkley and the like...after riding cross basically all winter the bod needs to get accustomed to the road set up again, but all in all, 6 hours of riding this weekend is not too shabby right now...
See ya, and nice job yesterday.

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