Sunday, June 21, 2009

HD Father's Day

Today Dad and I had a great workout. We wanted to get in a full Olympic distance triathlon for our training, but when we arrived at the beach, the water was so muddy and full of debris from the hard rains we had a couple days ago. So instead of swimming, we jumped on the bikes and rode the Greater Cleveland Triathlon Olympic distance bike course. We wanted to keep the pace pretty fast and we rode for about 1hr 12min, with some hills. After the bike, we put on the running shoes and ran for 6.9 miles. The run was great, our legs felt pretty good and we averaged around a 7:10 mile. After the run, we took the bikes out again and rode the Fairport Triathlon course, which was 13 miles. It was just a cool down ride, but there were parts that felt pretty hard. Hope all the Dad's had a great Father's Day and hope all the Dad's that raced this weekend had safe and good races.
Now I'm watchin formula one racing in HD with some chicken fingers and a nice ol' Dr. Pepper. Time for some chillaxin'.



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