Sunday, June 28, 2009

Long and tiring weekend

This weekend was very tiring for me. Friday Dad, Scott and I rode down to Fairport Beach and swam for a while, then rode back home. It was a very good recovery workout, and it would have been better if Scott remembered his swim goggles!!!! Its all good though. haha. Yesterday, I took off from bike and triathlon training. The training I did was Firefighter training. After we replaced a hot water tank in my garage, I was called to go to the fire station. I was there around 11:00 and stayed till around 7:00. When I first arrived, my Explorers class went over all the car extrication equipment on the fire engines. After all the reviewing, we had like a 2 hour meeting on Teamwork. At 3:00, we suited up in our fire gear and went in the back and saw three crashed cars. One, flipped on it's roof. The other two were on all four wheels but one had the tires flat and had the roof caved in. I was very surprised that I was picked to be one of the two Explorers to be picked to drill with the firefighters and do car extrication. My other classmate and I operated all the gear. We used the spreaders and cutters and basically cut all the cars to pieces. At the end, I was exhausted and was highly dehydrated. I have to get used to all the heat if I want to do this as a profession though. So truly............ I worked out too yesterday. I had a blast and I have a boost of confidence now that I was one of the two Explorers picked to drill with the actual firefighters.

Then today Dad, Scott and I did the whole Greater Cleveland Triathlon Olympic course. The swim was hard because it was very windy. The bike was hard at first because we had a 20 mph headwind. But, it was super nice on the way back. I felt great on the 10k run. We kept the pace pretty good and at the end of our run, we sprinted it out and headed straight for the water to cool down our legs. After our workout, we worked at my grandparents apartment, holding up dry wall and ripping up carpet. So right now, I'm beat and my shoulders feel like I have a 300 pound man pushing down. Tomorrow looks like rain so I'm not really sure what I will do. Until then........................... have a good day!

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