Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Man chemistry at Lakeland has been impossibly difficult. We have been talking about conversions and conversion factors for the last week or two. This has been the hardest thing for me to ever learn. I have a quiz on Monday on conversion factors and conversions and a good grade isn't really looking good for me. I do really good in the labs but not the lectures. I just like to do more hands on projects and mixing different chemicals together to find different kinds of chemicals or compounds. Sitting in class and copying notes from the chalkboard into my notebook isn't really my style in that class. So for the rest of the week and this weekend I am going to be sitting a lot in front of my little desk in my room and studying my chemistry. It is really hard for me to get what my professor is talking about. I went from high school Biology last year to College Chemistry this year. That is a really big jump in one year for me. I was talking to my professor I had last semester and he said that I will do fine on my quiz and I will do fine in this Chemistry course. So that gets me more motivated to study even harder.

Training wise, I took a day off today. Tomorrow I'm going to ride when I get home from school and same with Friday. Saturday, Dad and I are going to meet up with Shawn at the Brecksville Reservation to get in a good and long Tempo ride.

Later days.


Dad S said...

I can relate to that. I always loved hands-on but just couldn't hack the book work. Did lousy in class but passed the exams. The teacher was sure that I was cheating on my exams and used to stand over me and watch to try and catch me. Actally - I needed glasses and could never see what he wrote on the board so, I did lousy in class. Had no problem with the written exam.


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