Sunday, February 15, 2009


Today Dad and I met up with Matt Weeks and Scott Carter at Squire's Castle to do a training ride. When Dad and I got there, it was snowing pretty hard and we were actually thinking that no one would show. Then a couple of minutes later, Matt and Scott rolled up. When we started riding, it was cold and snowing pretty good. As the ride went on, the sun came out and it quit snowing. We rode for about 36 miles and did mucho amount of climbing. It was a great ride and I'm really happy that we are able to get out and ride today. Tomorrow is looking like it is going to be a nice day so Dad, my cousin Scott, and I are most likely going for another ride and jumping off the bikes and running for about 2 or 3 miles. My Dad and I were talking today saying, only two more months until RATL. Also, Chippewa Creek is on this year too!! So the hills are calling our names.

I'm out.

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samlikesbikes said...

Ahh. Warm weather is so nice. 36 degrees.

I'm hoping to avoid the burnout...but it was so nice I couldn't help it!

Your Dad's new wheels are nice. You should do the right thing and borrow them for the season.