Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Finally there is good weather coming our way. I think it the weather folks are saying that it is going to be in the 40's this weekend and sunny. So you know what we are going to be doing this weekend. Last month, I might have ridden outside once or twice. That was just a horrible month, horrible for everyone. I really hope that this month is going to have some days that we can ride outside because the trainer is killing me. So I'm excited for this weekend because I'll finally get some good riding outside.
I really want legs like this lady. I wonder what kind of bike she's got back there?


Dad S said...

......... I'm speachless!!!


samlikesbikes said...

Yea. me too. That's crazy.

I'm with you on the weather thing. It's time for Spring!

Mitcholo Gabel said...

I'm so glad for this weather. I think today was the first time I've done more than 50 miles since November.
I finally got the first ride on the Giant today, even thought it's a month old.

Tony said...

Dude as long as you get out on that machine. I need to get out this weekend!!!

longge said...

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