Sunday, February 22, 2009

Rock and Roll your ankle.

When I woke up this morning, I looked outside and couldn't even see the tree that was 20 feet away from my bedroom window. It was snowing so hard this morning and we were planning on doing a trail run for an hour plus. We ended up braving the weather and picked up my cousin Scott. We rolled up to Girdled Road Reservation and started our run. During the run, I had to roll my ankles 10 times. I was getting so frustrated because it was so hard to see what was on the ground because the snow covered the trails. My Dad had himself a really good fall also. He slipped in a little ditch on the side of one of the trails and launched himself foward, because he couldn't catch his balance. He launched himself forward and landed right on his back and slid like 10 feet down the trail. That was awesome and it was a perfect fall. Scott was the only one that didn't fall.

We ended up running for 1hr 32 min. The great thing was about half-way through the run, the snow stopped and it was sunny for quit a while. Great run today and now I'm going to sit on butt for the rest of the day and watch the TOC and the Cavs.

C ya!

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