Thursday, May 14, 2009

Big Weekend

Well tomorrow I'm leaving for Harrisburg, Pa with some of the kids in my firefighting class and our instructor who is also a firefighter/EMT. There is a giant expo there and my class is staying for the weekend to learn about the new and improved tools and equipment. Everyone that went last year said it was great, so I'm excited to go. My ankle is almost back to normal now. The swelling has gone down tremendously and I can walk pretty normal on it now. It's just that both sides of my foot are black and blue and purple. It felt good today though. I rode the trainer for about 45 minutes too. I just spun the legs with no pressure. It's been hard not being able to do anything in the last three days. I just had to do something today. Laying on the couch and icing my ankle from the time I came home from school, to the time I went to bed sucked. I get home from school early tomorrow though, so I will most likely ride the trainer again or maybe get outside for a while, then come back and get ready for the big weekend.

later days.

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