Sunday, May 24, 2009

Tight legs

This morning after church Dad, Nick and I drove over to the track at my high school for some track running. We started off running for about a mile or so then did some intervals and ran up and down the bleachers. After our intervals, we ran for another 2 miles or so. At the end of the workout, we finished with about an hour and ran for about 5 miles, with hard intervals and sprints. Nick doesn't run a lot but he did today. He did a great job and ran the whole time. Good job Nick. He needs to start running so that he can get his running speed up for baseball. Hopefully by next season, he will be a lot faster.

When we came home, Dad and I went out for a ride. We wanted to take it easy and spin more because our legs were pretty beat. We ended up riding for about 1:15 with 21 miles. It was another good day and tomorrow we aren't doing a lot, just trim the bushes and Nick and I have to work. Everyone have a good Memorial Day.
See ya.

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Dad S said...

T - Love the new logo.

Good to see all three of you guys being able to spend time together.

Grandpa S.