Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday Sunday Sunday

Raced the Covered Bridge Race today and couldn't ask for a better day. The team received the new clothing kits and I chose to wear my long sleeve skin suit. Felt really good in the beginning of the race. First lap was super fast. In the middle of the race, a few racers, including me, worked together and caught the break. Lots of RGF guys in in it. It was a pretty good size break. Matt and I were the only one's from the team in the break. In the main group, we had my Dad, Pete, Chris, Josh,Mike and Todd. I was with the break for the last 3 laps. Very fast and very hard to stay with these guys. About 3 miles to go on the last lap, Paul took off and we all knew that no one was going to catch him. So it was a race for second place. On the finishing stretch, I moved up front of the group and sprinted it out, finishing 5th place. I was very happy with my performance and everything worked out perfect for me today. Dad finished very strong, finishing in the front of the chase field. Everyone raced great today. I don't know what my avg. speed was or the total time because my computer bonked out. Looks like I need to purchase a new one coming up here pretty soon.

When Dad and I arrived home, we took down the TT bikes and road a nice 25 miles. So with warm ups, the race, cool down, and the ride with the TT bikes, we rode for about 70 miles today. Hey it's a beautiful day, you got to take advantage of it.