Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Happened again.

Monday, I was at school and I rolled my ankle really good. I was walking down the stairs and my right foot slipped off of one of the steps and it rolled on the next step down. It hurt so bad that I just sat down in the middle of the hallway and pulled of my shoe to see if it was swollen. Sure enough, it was. Major swollen. I rolled my left ankle a couple months ago running. This roll was a lot worse than a couple months ago. When I rolled my ankle a couple months ago, I was running, and when my ankle rolled, I just stopped for a second and walked it off for a little bit. I was able to run home, and that was about 3 miles to my house. With the recent ankle roll, I could barely even walk down the hall. So when I arrived home, I put the ice pack on and plopped down on the couch for the rest of the day. Yesterday, I missed Westlake because of my ankle, it still hurt really bad. Dad went though and he did great. He made one of the breaks and rode awesome from the sounds of it. He just missed a 2 point prime by a half a wheel length. Awesome job Dad and all the LE racers who were there. Today, the swollen on my ankle has gone down quite a bit and I can walk on it a lot better. It's been three days since I last worked out, and I feel like crap. O well, it has got to heal so that I can come back strong.



Dad S said...

Sorry to hear about the ankle; sounds like your Mom. Back in the day, she was always turning her ankles. Now that I think about it, I did too; only it was usually stupid stuff like jumping the last 4-5 steps in a hurry to get out of school! About all you can do is suck it up and let it heal and try to be more alert.

Hope you're still on for Harrisburg.

Grandpa S.

Rick said...

Bummer, Tony.
Hope it heals fast.

I'll be back in town after the 24hrs of Granny Gear at Big Bear doing some Demo Days with the Ellsworth van in June; hope to see you then!

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