Saturday, December 6, 2008

The ride before Copley.

My Dad and I had to get a ride in for at least an hour today. It was another cold, windy and snowy ride. Perfect for preparing for tomorrow's race at Copley. While we were on our ride, my Dad's chain was skippin and making all kinds of noises. We stopped down at Fairport Beach to see what the problem was. Come to find out the chain link was coming out and that's what was causing the chain to make all the noises. Other than that, it was a good ride today, nice easy ride for tomorrow's race. Also, my Dad and I are making up a song about the rednecks with the big trucks around my house running us off the road and trying to sound cool with their loud exhausts. It's a work in progress. See everyone in Copley!


Bill said...

thats a nice looking truck

MikeV said...

That truck is awesome! Git r Done!

Dad S said...

Even the "good ol' boys" are buying rice burners. What is the world comin' to?

Gramps S.