Saturday, December 20, 2008

Slippery ride.

My Dad and I got in a really good ride today. We started out riding in the nursery roads and we were having a lot of trouble. Not anything mechanical or anything wrong with our bikes, it was very difficult to stay upright because the nursery roads were nothing but ice. I took a nice fall in the first nursery. After some more riding, my Dad and I rode to Indian Point Park and rode some of the trails along with runnig up the steps along side of the huge hill. This time, the camera didn't break. Nice Dad, way to not break the camera! While we were riding home from Indian Point, my Dad slipped out and landed hard on his knee. We were both riding our cyclocross bikes, and on his bike, he had those small block eights for the tires and those are just like riding with road tires. They get no traction whatsoever on the ice or in the mud. But other than the crashes, it was a really fun and I can't wait to do the same ride next week.

Git it! Git it!

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samlikesbikes said...

hey Tony it was nice meeting you this 'cross season. Goodluck on the road next year, you should make it out to some dirt races!