Saturday, December 27, 2008

Saturday's ride.

Awesome ride on Saturday. There were about 21 total people. From the team, there was Rudy, Robert, Me, Dad, Jim Gilmore, Pete, Scott, Matt, and Shawn. Others that showed up were, Dave Chernosky, Sally Price, Ernie, Jane, Rick Adams, Gary, Elves and More, and some summit riders. We got in about 41 miles in 2:15. We started at the top of the Brecksville Reservation and rode through Medina and then into the Valley. We kept it at a good pace throughout the ride and even picked up the pace in some parts. This is a great loop to do if you want to get in a good hill workout.

Again, it was a great time spent on the bike with everyone, and the wind really wasn't a factor at all. Awesome temperatures and awesome conditions. Thanks Shawn for putting this ride together.


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