Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I'm already thinking of road season next year. Cross season went by so fast. This was probably the funnest racing season for me and I met a lot of new people. Now its over until March, wow. Well, this off season I will be training still for this coming road season. I will have more off days, but I want to get stronger this off season so that I can get better for road. This winter my time will be basically training, school and work. I will have time to do free stuff but not as much as I did this past couple of months. I will be taking my high school classes, then I will still be taking my classes at Lakeland Community College. I also added another class to my LCC schedule to get more college credits. Luckily it is an online class, so I can do it on my laptop.
Back to training. My dad and I are planning on doing a lot of base training this winter. Lots of time on the bike and riding quite a bit of hills so that we are prepared for the early races this coming road season. All are welcome to ride with us on saturdays this winter in willoughby. Our group rides will be posted on our team site coming up pretty soon. They are great rides and sometimes we stop at the half way point to get some coffee or some lattes. (I think that is how you spell it)
So thats about it. Looking foward to this winter's training and I'm already thinking about the road season. Perfect.

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