Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sunday's race at Copley

What a beautiful day today. It was cold and windy but the sun was out and it was great racing conditions. In the C race, Robert dominated. That kid is something else. He better be moving up to the Bs next year or else there will be consequences. :) Zack Johnson got 2nd in the Junior race also. Nice job man!
In the Master's race, my Dad got 5th. He had an awesome race today but he was saying that every time he entered into the first set of woods, he would always have to unclip to stop himself from hitting a tree or something. He was right behind Ray on the start of the race. When they reached the open field, he said Ray went down hard right in front of him. Ray ended up ok and said that it didn't even hurt. That's you Ray!! Dad ended up 4th overall in our series. Awesome job Dad! Rudy got 2nd in the race and 2nd overall in the series, Jeff Craft got 3rd and 3rd overall in the series. Derek got 4th in the race and 5th overall. Nice job guys!! Julie had a dominating race again and won overall in the womens field. You go girl!! HAHA
In my race, there was me, Shawn, and Matt. It was probably one of the hardest races I have ever done. Started off very fast through the open farm field. Soon I found myself in third place behind Shawn and Paul Martin. Caught up to Shawn and was feeling very strong. Shawn looked awesome and I wanted to take him with me so that we could work together if we caught Paul. Next lap, I caught up to Paul. I looked back to see if Shawn was with me, but unfortunately he dropped back. When I caught up to Paul, I stayed on his wheel for a while. Then before the barriers, I passed him and was then in the lead. I stayed in the lead for about 3 laps. About 3 to go, Paul took over up front and I stayed on his wheel for most of the rest of the race. That is until the last uphill on the backside of the course. When Paul and I reached the base of the hill, he downshifted and TOOK OFF!! I tried staying with him but couldn't stay on his wheel. I ended up getting second in the A race. Paul won, Shawn got 3rd, and Matt got 10th. I ended up getting 4th overall in the A series, Shawn 2nd and Matt 6th.
Thank you to Mr. Boughton for letting us tear up his farm once again and thank you to the Johnson's for setting up an awesome course. All in all, everyone from the team did an awesome job and everyone did great this cycling season. It kinda sucks that today was the last race of the season, but im ready for the base training for next years road season. Bring it on!

Nice job to everyone today!


Dad S said...

Good race, T. Congrats on a great year.

Gramps S.

Feel It: The Factory Rider said...

Great Job Tony! You killed it! I got some more photos at my flickr.
Great Season and way to go top 5 in the A's! That means you win next season, right?

Ray Huang said...

I am not gonna lie-I wanted to race you and the rest yesterday, but I suck and crashed riding in a straight line so I missed the fun. Congrats on an awesome year mr State Champ!! I am building my Tony Marut Shrine in my basement in a closet-dont tell anyone. I just need some of your hair and a few more candles!!

Bill said...

Not too bad of a race there T. Now why in the world did you let Paul Martin beat you? :-)

Congratulations on a great season.


jackson said...

Nice work Tony. What a strong finish for the season. Congratulations!

Greg Jackson

Shawn Adams said...

good bikin!!!!talk to you soon.

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