Saturday, January 24, 2009

Best investment ever.

Today, Nick, Dad and I took a ride up to Jeff Craft's work place in Madison and I purchased a power tap wheel. Jeff wanted to sell it for a very reasonable amount and I just had to get it. I have never even ridden a bike before with a power tap wheel, so everything was new to me.

After my Dad and I switched some components (from my original back wheel) we put the new wheel on my cross bike a.k.a. my training bike. After we did all the wiring, my mom put in all the information on the power tap computer. When everything was all set up, my Dad and I rode the trainers for 1hr 04 min. In our workout, we did some intervals, doing 2 X 5 min. in the 200 watts range. After the intervals, we cooled down, spinning for about 10 minutes. After a little cool down, we did another interval. In this one, we stayed in the 250 watts range for about 5 minutes. When that interval was done, we cooled down and ended my first workout using a power tap wheel. Also, earlier in the day, we all did some weight workouts for about a half an hour. So I am very pleased with buying this power tap and it is the best investment I have ever made. All I can say is the amount of training I am going to be doing with the power tap, I'm going to feel great for the road season.



samlikesbikes said...

Power taps are sexy.

Anonymous said...

hey Tony - snow days do rock...but I am still hiberNATIN'...if you have any questions about power let me know...I have been through the Cycleops power training seminar and am a certified instructor...I am sure you have it handled though...heading out to do some skiing this weekend so might be out of touch.