Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I can't wait.

Jeff Cartledge and I were arguing with each other Monday night at the team meeting about who we think is going to win UFC 94 on January 31st. He wants B.J. Penn to win. But, I would like to see George St. Pierre win. I think GSP is one of the best fighters out there. He has great flexibility, great power, great technique, and he is very smart during his fights. He also holds the welterweight title. B.J. Penn just wants to step into the octagon and just kill the other guy and loses his head too much. I'm not trying to cut down B.J. He is a great fighter and he holds the lightweight title, its just I don't think he trains as hard or is as great a fighter as GSP.
It is going to be a great fight. Two title holders going at it and I hope St. Pierre comes out victorious. I can't wait till January 31st. What do you say about that Jeff? HAHA


Investment Biker said...

I saw them fight in 2006. GSB is way stronger and quicker. It will be second round knock out.

Tony said...

O man I hope. GSP is gna mess B.J. up!!