Saturday, January 3, 2009

Weekend training with Robert.

On Friday, Nick and I drove up to Bike Authority to pick up Robert so that he could stay over my house for the weekend. While Nick, Robert and I were coming home, we had to stop at Qdoba and get something to eat. We were just so hungry. After eatin what seemed like a 5 pound burrito, we got back to my place. We unpacked Junior's stuff and watched Step Brother's. That is probably the funniest movie I have ever seen. When my Dad got home from work, we went out for a 32 minute run. The run included some railroad tracks and some nursery roads, and of course road sections. After the run, I could definitely feel that burrito that I ate earlier rollin in my stomach.

Today Robert, Dad and I went for a 2hr and 8 min ride through some nurseries and through the Outdoor YMCA. It was really cold at first, but as soon as we were riding through the first section of nursery in the beginning of the ride, it warmed up quick. What was really cool was that the nursery roads were frozen. Usually when my Dad and I ride the nursery roads, it is all mud. During the ride, young grasshopper (Robert) and I each had a couple of crashes. I crashed on a good ol' sheet of ice at the Outdoor Y and also in one of the last nurseries. Robert also crashed in one of the last nurseries and banged up his knee pretty good. Of course, my Dad didn't crash at all because he has such great handling skillz..... but he did almost go down a couple of times. :)

Other than the crashes, it was a great ride. The sun was out, the wind was pretty calm and it warmed up quite a bit, making the nurseries a little muddy. Good thing we were on our cyclocross bikes. Great to have Robert this weekend and he better be coming over again or else there is a whole world of hurt coming his way!

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