Sunday, January 4, 2009

Bike fitting today.

Today after Nick, my Dad and I dropped off Robert, we headed out to Bike Authority for some bike fittings. I was first up and Sean started me off with the Dartfish technique. The Dartfish technique is when you are riding the trainer and the person who is doing the bike fitting (Sean Gilbert) is video taping and taking pictures of the front, the side and the back of you while you are on the trainer.

After the Dartfish, Sean put the video of me on the trainer on the computer. He played the video of me on the trainer and slowed it way down. One problem that I had was that my left knee shot way out while I was doing my upstroke. He corrected that by raising my seat. The next problem, which is the biggest, is that my back is soooooo inflexible. I couldn't even keep my back straight when I was riding on the trainer. So I was given a couple of exercises that includes stretching, lower back workouts and core workouts.

When we fixed those, Sean did the Spinscan technique. The Spinscan technique starts off with you riding on the computrainer. This tells you your wattage, cadence, speed, etc. With the Spinscan, it focuses on a perfect pedal stroke. Wow I thought I had a good pedal stroke before, man was I wrong. After the Spinscan fitting, Sean went back to Dartfish and video taped me again on the trainer. This time, my position was a lot better, and my back was sort of straight, better than the first time with the Dartfish. Now all I need to do in order for me to have an almost perfect position, is to stretch out my lower back and do some core workouts.

Dartfish and Spinscan are really complicated but awesome procedures and if you want to get a bike fitting for this road season, this is the way to go. Thank you Sherman and Sean for getting me all set and helping me out.

Later days

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