Friday, January 30, 2009

Power Test.

All I can say is holy s%@#. I rode the trainer today with my Dad and my cousin Scott. Warmed up for about 30 minutes along with some openers. After our warm up, I started my power test. It was a 12 minute test and I'm glad it was only for 12 minutes. That was probably the hardest I have ever gone on the trainer. During the 12 minutes, I was constantly in between 270-330 watts. A couple of times I went over those numbers, but I just couldn't hold it. After the suffer fest, we cooled down for a little bit and after the cool down, we did some one leggers. After the one leggers, we cooled down for the last five minutes and ended up finishing the workout in 1 hr and 25 sec. We were planning on going out for a short run after the trainer workout, but it is like a blizzard outside right now and we decided to stay in the house. Great workout today though.

I'm not going to be able to watch the fight tomorrow because we can't get pay per view. So I just have to keep updated on Go GSP!!!!


samlikesbikes said...

power tests are fun. glad to see your enjoying them. Hopefully it will get warm out soon!

Ray Huang said...

Between 270 and to go!! Thats some serious wattage for your age and weight.

But I guarantee you that the 12 minute test is half as painful as the 3 minute which is half as painful again as a Wingate!!

As for the skiing, damn-its about time!!